Our Team

At Ar Cúram, we understand and recognise the importance of having conscientious and committed carers in designated roles matched to their specific skills and experiences. This is why we make the time to ensure all adults supporting our children are committed to providing a warm, nurturing and homely environment. Our houses are managed by a high complement of professionally trained carers who provide the necessary support to allow the children and young people to thrive in the safety and security of their own home.

  • Registered Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Senior Residential Child Care Workers (SRCCW)
  • Residential Child Care Workers (RCCW)

Staffing Structure and arrangements for Supervision

Continued professional development (CPD) and staff support are key elements to providing high quality care and support for our children and young people. To provide the level of care and support required to meet the assessed needs of our children, the staffing complement in each house consists of a 3:1 ration of adults to children. Each house has 17 full-time staff members consisting of a Registered Manager, Assistant Manager, 2 x Senior Residential Care Workers, 12 x Residential Care Workers and a Housekeeper.

Each member of our care team has a direct line manager / supervisor, who shares the responsibility of ensuring they receive professional supervision on a regular basis with the purpose of enhancing their learning through CPD. Formal supervision takes place between the Supervisor and Supervisee at least every 4-6 weeks but will be more frequent for those who may be new to the role.

In addition to individual supervision, we facilitate regular team meetings, group supervision sessions and stakeholder consultations where we liaise with children, their parents / carers, key professionals and other adults who may play a significant part in their lives.